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Over 50 Arcade Games

Our Windsor Arcade center features over 50 arcade games including Skee Ball, Mario Kart, and much more!
We have a huge selection of redemption arcade games that award points to put towards prizes and fun for the whole family. You won’t find such a dynamic mix of physical and interactive experiences anywhere else. Our arcade games are curated to push you and your friends to the very limits. With our new game cards, there's no need to walk around with a huge roll of tickets once you hit a jackpot, simply check your balance at the end of your arcade session and choose your prize accordingly!


$10 - 40 Credits
$20 - 80 + 20 Bonus Credits
$25 - 100 + 40 Bonus Credits
$30 - 120 + 80 Bonus Credits
$50 - 200 + 130 Bonus Credits
$50 - Extreme Pass
4 Attractions* + 100 Credits
$25 - Fun Pass
2 Attractions* + 40 Credits
*Attractions include Laser Tag & Glo Golf
Too Much Fun Is Never Enough

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