Mini Glo Golf

Test Your Skills

In Our Glo Golf Course

Our mini golf course is perfect for all ages and skill levels, making it a great activity for families, friends, and couples. All 18 holes of indoor mini golf are themed with black lights!
Our fully themed mini glow golf course starts you out in the rainforest, then takes you down into an underwater adventure. Next, you emerge from the water into a tropical jungle and finally finish the mini golf course in a prehistoric world with flying pterodactyls and whales!
Each hole is uniquely designed with obstacles and challenges, ensuring that every round of mini golf is exciting and different.

Wear white or neon clothing to really stand out under the black lights and add to the experience!


$10Per Game
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$50 Extreme Pass4 Attractions* + 100 Credits
$25 Fun Pass2 Attractions* + 40 Credits

*Attractions include Laser Tag & Glo Golf

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